El centro Artesano is a Foundation that reinvests its revenue in:

  • Fair trade purchase of more crafts for sale.
  • Maintain spaces for the artisans to demonstrate the process of creating the craft from the origin of the material to the final product.
  • Workshops where visitors can create a craft with the guidance of the artisans.
  • Workshops for the artisans according to their needs and local conditions to enhance their productive units.
  • Crafts exhibits in different regions of the country.
  • Special projects to enhance the artisans work conditions, increase productivity and income.
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    Crafts demonstration

    Activity carried out by the artisan directly in El Centro Artesano, showing that his work is done 100% by hand, with techniques and raw materials typical of each Colombian region, producing a handicraft that is unique to his ethnic group.
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    Product of origin

    We offer artisanal food products such as coffee, chocolate, honey, which are manufactured by families that maintain the tradition from generation to generation, products originating in different regions of Colombia, which have become important supports for the economic of their region.
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    Sale of handicraft products

    El Centro Artesano sells handicrafts made by artisans in our country, handmade products, in materials such as werregue, caña flecha, Palma de Iraca, fique, papier-mâché among others. They are handicrafts made with very good finishes and high quality. El Centro Artesano transforms the future of artisans.
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    Training courses for artisans

    Our purpose is to participate directly in the technical training of artisans, supported by designers in different lines, that generate added value to these ancestral pieces, and therefore a greater recognition of crafts, as well as generate higher incomes for artisans in Colombia.
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    The cultural exhibition

    Is the sample of an artisanal trend, highlighting the different modalities and designs, accompanied by a great color, where an ancestral culture is demonstrated, full of the richness of a country, which with their hands build worlds, techniques, generations. The cultural exhibition attracts thousands of spectators, who are surprised with the color and variety of Colombian crafts.
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    Craft workshop for the public

    El Centro Artesano offers courses for all our national and foreign clients, in the different artisan techniques, so that they elaborate with their own hands a Colombian handicraft with the direct orientation of the Colombian artisans. Join this great experience.


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Coffee Shop

We have wonderful exotic coffees.
Also a variety of tropical fruit slushies.
And for the afternoon craft beer and a variety of wine.


El Centro artesano

Demostración de oficios

Estás son algunas de las demostraciones de oficios que se han hecho en El Centro Artesano Artesanías en Papel Mache y Recamado en Chaquiras.

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